Amped Training (but life ain’t only about working…)

Last week we had a training session at our labs in Trieste, Italy, with a few new partners: Dave Thorne from Demux, UK, Arno Doup, which is working with Data Expert in the Netherlands, and Charun Kumwalo, Nathapong Limpdaenhskul and Sayhpin Klomklin from Cyber Forensic and Investigation, Thailand.

We think that training is a very important part of our job: it is important for our customers to get the most out of our tools, but also for us to get to know our customers better, understand their needs and the scope of their everyday work.

The nice thing is that most of the time we meet great new people, and we also manage to have fun together. Trieste isn’t a very big city, but it’s beautiful and there are lots of places to eat well and hang out.

These are a few pics from the latest training. Why not schedule a trip here?

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