Amped Five update with user suggested improvements

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As a company, we are particularly fortunate to have very innovative and knowledgeable customers. Since the target for what we need to offer keeps moving, we welcome and are grateful for the feedback necessary to correctly aim to hit it. Those of you that know us know that we don’t sit on our products and wait for some cosmic event (or customers with pitchforks and torches at our door) before release new tools; nor are we trying to serve yesterday’s tech as today’s new hotness. The bar is always raised by customer needs.

Today we just released a new version of Amped Five (build 5600). There are several added capabilities and improvements under the hood.

Here you can quickly find what’s new:

  • Video Loader: all video engines support now Unicode (non-Latin character) filenames
  • Video Writer: added support for Unicode (non-Latin character) filenames
  • Sequence Writer: support for optional starting frame number
  • Measure 3d: added the possibility to enable or disable the visualization of different lines
  • Measure 3d: added the possibility to draw unconstrained lines to help with ground point estimation
  • Player Panel: frame type (I,P,B) displayed after frame number, if available
  • Set “hand” cursor for dragging the image
  • Better formatting for documentation and reports
  • Filter documentation fully reviewed and updated

Thank you to all of our customers, with special thanks to George Reis, Catalin Grigoras, Jim Hoerricks and Saverio Paolino for having suggested these (and many other) improvements to our software. We’ll try to keep up with your needs!

See you at LEVA next week.

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