The new Write Timestamp filter in Amped Five

Last week we released a new update with the 64 bit version of Amped Five. Today we launched another update with some other improvements and a few new tools.

One of the features that we just updated is the Write Timestamp filter.

Sometimes when you export a video that comes from a proprietary DVR format from CCTV you may lose the date and time information that was impressed on the native format when playing it.

With the Write Timestamp filter you can manually add back the date and time information so you can quickly locate events of interest at known times.

How does it work? Basically what you need is just to insert the know date and time for two frames of the video and the timestamp for all the others will be calculated automatically.

Usually the simplest solution is to put the date and time of the first and of the last frame as reference, as this is the easiest way, but you can put whatever you want from whichever frames you choose.

It’s very important to understand that the calculated time will be only estimated as a hypothetical time for reference and won’t have any scientific forensic value. Surveillance videos usually don’t have a perfectly constant frame rate and thus the calculated timestamp may be off by a few seconds or more. The system obviously will be completely wrong for videos activated by motion detection or with variable frame rate, which will bring interruptions and discontinuities in the density of frames with respect to time.

For this reason we decided not to print the timestamp on the actual pixels of the video, but only to display it on the Filter Settings panel. This solution also avoids the risk of covering some part of the image with the timestamp.

Update Five now to get the new features!

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