Amped FIVE 2012 Released

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We are happy to announce the official release of the new major release of Amped FIVE, our image and video processing software for forensic applications.

Our previous edition of Amped FIVE Professional was a great product. We found that our customers loved its innovative and fast workflow but wanted more features and easier ways to do things.  We have worked with some key customers and very well-known forensic video analysis experts to improve our Amped FIVE Professional program capabilities. If you give a look at the testimonials on our home page, you will find some pretty well known names in the forensic field.

We set out to create the new standard for video and image enhancement software and in doing so, we doubled the capabilities and the number of tools available. We have also revamped our training and certifications programs to provide greater depth and more practical knowledge in our goal to help agencies get the tools necessary in this high tech world to get criminals off the streets.

Amped FIVE Professional 2012 is available now from Amped Software and authorized Amped Software resellers and partners. A detailed product datasheet is available for download here: as a PDF document in either US letter or A4 formats.

Highlights of New Features:

  • New uncompressed DVR Screen Capture tool for capturing without any loss of quality proprietary video formats.
  • Extended integration with Milestone Sytems A/S servers. Now Five allows working on native Milestone XProtect export format (PQZ/XML) as if it was a standard video file. No further exporting and conversion is needed, thus ensuring the maximum available quality.
  • Most of the features of the software can be applied by quick keyboard shortcuts. They have been carefully chosen to match common combinations used by commercial software and common video editors. This eases user adoption and dramatically shortens the learning curve.
  • Bookmarks for the most important frames or steps of the processing have editable name and description and their images are included in the processing report.

New Filters:

  • Video Input: process a live stream coming from any DirectShow compatible device.
  • Align Fields: filter to modify the relative alignment of the two fields in an interlaced image.
  • Levels: better control with integrated histogram view.
  • Histogram Equalization and Contrast Stretch allow the optimization of a specific region of the image.
  • Remove Duplicates: delete duplicated frames caused by wrong capture frame rate.
  • Auto Selector: delete frames too different, for example after an unsuccessful stabilization.
  • Demultiplexer: separate different camera streams saved in the same video file.
  • Motion Detection: quickly locate events of interest in a video.
  • Color Conversion: converts the image from grayscale to RGB.
  • Color Switch: exchanges R and B color channels in the image.
  • Mix Channels: displays only selected color channels.
  • File Info (EXIF Data): saves in the report image metadata.
  • Bilateral Filter for denoising highly optimized.
  • Median Filter has new options, like cross shaped and directional versions.
  • Wiener Filter has been added for a very efficient image denoising.
  • Turbulence Deblurring: corrects the blur caused by air turbulence and light mirage in long range videos.
  • Super Resolution: merges all frames to improve the resolution of the image.
  • Hide Selection: pixelates, darkens or blurs an area of interest in a video (witness or non-permissive area protection).
  • Compare Original: juxtaposes or overlays the original and enhanced image for comparison.

Contact us if you need any more specific information!

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