Monthly Archives: February 2008

Extracting a license plate from a dark video [How to]

This is the first video tutorial of a series. It has been ripped and then subtitled directly without any editing, so it shows Amped Five work flow on real time.

The video is showing a very dark and shaking sequence of a license plate. The steps illustrated are:

  1. loading the video (Video Loader filter)
  2. increasing the brightness and contrast (Curves filter)
  3. stabilizing the video (Stabilization filter)
  4. integrating the enhanced and stabilized frames (Frame Averaging filter)

Red Prisma meeting 2008 [events]

Last week I’ve been invited to the annual meeting of the Red Prisma tematic network, in Toledo, Spain. The purpose of Red Prisma is to put together researchers, industries and users of imaging and optics technologies, and I guess the result was very good and interesting; there was a wide range of presentations, all of a rather high scientific level, but with a glance to real-world applications. Many of them moreover, were targeted to applications for security and investigations, and madepossible for me to meet and exchange ideas with many interesting people working in this field.

And least, but not list, I had the great opportunity to visit such a beautiful city as Toledo. Really thanks to professor Cristobal and the other organizers for giving me the opportunity to be there.

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