Amped Replay Update 16856: Introducing Spotlight, Project Files Import/Export, and Descriptions for Bookmarks

Here we are yet again with another update to Amped Replay, our enhanced video player for police investigators to conduct a first-level analysis of their video evidence. With this update, investigators can now add a spotlight to areas of interest, import and export a project, and add a description to bookmarks.

Spotlight Tool

The Annotate tab continues to be essential when using Replay and so we continue to update and implement newly requested features.

We are excited to introduce the Spotlight tool that you can now find in the Annotation tab. Let’s see how it works.

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How Tall Is the Bad Guy? Reverse Projection in Amped Five With the Video Input Filter

Dear friends, welcome to this week’s tip! Today we continue the mini-series about Amped FIVE‘s Video Input filter. We’ll see that it can be your greatest ally when you’re dealing with reverse projection, that is, when you go to the crime scene to place a height chart or some other reference element. In these cases, the Video Input can save you a lot of time and headaches! Keep reading to find out more.

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Pick the Best Frames With Amped Replay’s Bookmarks to Save Time and Focus on What Matters Most 

Welcome, dear friends! During the lockdown, it may sometimes feel that all days of the week are the same… and so here we are, with our tip, to remind you that today is Tuesday! Today we’re sharing a tip for Amped Replay, which comes in very handy when you’re dealing with challenging videos. Keep reading to discover more!

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Using Amped Authenticate for Video Source Identification When You Only Have Images As Reference

Dear friends, welcome to this week’s tip! It’s a rather special one: longer, but also very exciting. We’ll see how the latest Amped Authenticate update enables you to carry out source identification of digital videos when only images are available as reference, and vice-versa! We’ll provide an introduction to the problem and then go practical with a step-by-step example available for everyone. Keep reading!

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What is the Frame Rate?

This follows on very nicely from my previous post, ‘Where Is the Rest of the Video?’, where we had to analyze video metadata in order to answer questions about missing footage. In the case here, we have some discrepancies with the frame rate. Let us take a closer look.

The first thing to point out is that I have recently changed one of the Amped FIVE Program Options and I thought it was worthy of an initial mention.

I am coming across many more CCTV files with audio streams. Now, I am not saying that they all have noise, but they do have a stream. As such, I have changed my video engine default to FFMS with Audio.

This engine is now the default on new installations. However, if you have updated from a previous version, the old settings are retained.

Upon loading the video into Amped FIVE, I can see from the File Info tool that an audio stream has been detected, but the waveform envelope in the Player bar is empty.

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Amped Authenticate Update 16636: Improved PRNU Identification, More Robust Batch Processing, Updated JPEG QT Database, and More

Notwithstanding the disquieting COVID-19 emergency that is severely hitting the world, Amped engineers are lucky enough to continue working (from home), and so we are proudly delivering a new update to Amped Authenticate! Keep reading to discover what’s new.

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Go Live! Let Your PC Be a Witness Using Amped FIVE’s Video Input to Record Everything You Do

Dear Tip Tuesday maniacs welcome to a brand new tip! Actually, we’re beginning a mini-series of tips, dedicated to an often overlooked feature of Amped FIVE, the Video Input filter. It lets you get a live video stream from an input device and process it “on the fly” with Amped FIVE filters, or record it to a file. There are three major video forensics applications that can greatly benefit from this filter: 1) documenting the acquisition from a DVR, 2) reverse projection, 3) live processing of frames. Today we introduce the filter and deal with point 1, while the rest will be addressed in the future. Keep reading to discover more!

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Few GBs Left? Slow Connection? Amped Replay Lets You Pick Just the Frames You Need, so You Save Data and Don’t Lose Quality!

Hello, dear Tip Tuesday people! During the COVID-19 emergency, many have to work from home. Some rely on metered connections, which makes gigabytes almost as precious as drinkable water. Some others have unlimited data but a slow connection, so uploading a gigabyte could take hours. For those working in the image and video field, limited data and limited speed is a nightmare. So I thought I’d share an easy tip to remind you that, with Amped Replay, you can often cut the part of the video you need without re-encoding pixels (so, no quality loss!). It only takes three clicks and may save several gigabytes… keep reading to find out more!

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Unity Is Strength! In Challenging Cases, Amped Authenticate’s Compare CRP Makes Source Device Identification More Accurate

Welcome to a brand new tip, dear friends! Today we’re showing you one of the newest features introduced in Amped Authenticate: the possibility to use the PRNU Identification filter to compare the sensor noise obtained from two sets of images. Reading this sentence left you confused? Then this tip is just for you! Keep reading to shed light on the mystery…

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Introducing Amped FIVE Filter Friday Videos

We are happy to announce our new Amped FIVE Filter Friday video series on the Amped Software YouTube channel.

Every Friday we will publish a video that teaches you how to use the filters in Amped FIVE. Learn how easy it is to use the Video Loader filter to load a video from a file, how to use the Local Stabilization filter to stabilize a shaky video by keeping the current selection steady, and much much more.

We have more than 100 filters in Amped FIVE, so we’ll be busy creating these videos for you! Subscribe to the Amped Software YouTube channel now, so you don’t miss any!

Below is the first video in our series: Filter Group: Load – Filter Name: Video Loader.

Happy Filter Friday everyone!