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Yes, It Makes the Difference! A Practical Guide to Why You Should Keep Your Amped Products Up To Date

Dear Amped friends, welcome to this week’s tip! Another release of Amped FIVE has just been published, and we want to take this opportunity to make a special Tip Tuesday: with some examples, we’ll show you why you should keep your Amped products updated! We’ll do it in a comparative fashion, showing the best you could achieve with an older version vs what you can get with the latest releases. Keep reading, you’ll have fun!

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What Is “Better”? Understanding the Differences Between Amped FIVE or Amped Replay vs Consumer Video Players

Dear friends welcome to this week’s tip! Today we take inspiration from a question that we receive from time to time from our users. It basically goes like this: “How come consumer players like VLC sometimes appear to play the video better than Amped FIVE or Amped Replay?”. If you’re curious about the answer… just keep reading!

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Speed Matters! Amped Replay’s Smooth Playback Makes Playback Fluid Even for High-Resolution Videos

Hello dear Amped fellows, welcome to this week’s tip! With the proliferation of super-mega-high resolution cameras, it’s getting more and more common having to deal with Full-HD or even 4K videos from smartphones and even surveillance systems. At such high resolutions, it’s not trivial to guarantee a fluid playback. Luckily, Amped Replay has a built-in feature specifically tailored for this issue: the Smooth Playback! Keep reading to find out more…

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Amped Replay Update 16856: Introducing Spotlight, Project Files Import/Export, and Descriptions for Bookmarks

Here we are yet again with another update to Amped Replay, our enhanced video player for police investigators to conduct a first-level analysis of their video evidence. With this update, investigators can now add a spotlight to areas of interest, import and export a project, and add a description to bookmarks.

Spotlight Tool

The Annotate tab continues to be essential when using Replay and so we continue to update and implement newly requested features.

We are excited to introduce the Spotlight tool that you can now find in the Annotation tab. Let’s see how it works.

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Pick the Best Frames With Amped Replay’s Bookmarks to Save Time and Focus on What Matters Most 

Welcome, dear friends! During the lockdown, it may sometimes feel that all days of the week are the same… and so here we are, with our tip, to remind you that today is Tuesday! Today we’re sharing a tip for Amped Replay, which comes in very handy when you’re dealing with challenging videos. Keep reading to discover more!

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Few GBs Left? Slow Connection? Amped Replay Lets You Pick Just the Frames You Need, so You Save Data and Don’t Lose Quality!

Hello, dear Tip Tuesday people! During the COVID-19 emergency, many have to work from home. Some rely on metered connections, which makes gigabytes almost as precious as drinkable water. Some others have unlimited data but a slow connection, so uploading a gigabyte could take hours. For those working in the image and video field, limited data and limited speed is a nightmare. So I thought I’d share an easy tip to remind you that, with Amped Replay, you can often cut the part of the video you need without re-encoding pixels (so, no quality loss!). It only takes three clicks and may save several gigabytes… keep reading to find out more!

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Lights, Camera, Action! Amped Replay Now Lets You Easily Handle Multiple Annotations

Dear Amped Blog fellows, welcome to one more tip! It’s Amped Replay‘s turn, and we’re digging a bit into one of the features that rolled out with release 15666! You may have noticed that, when you apply any annotation tool, the player bar now shows colored lines to indicate the range of frames to which the annotation is applied. This apparently simple feature will make things so much easier… keep reading to find out why!

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What Have I Done? Learn How to Effectively Show the Improvement You Achieved With Amped Replay

Dear friends, welcome to a new Tip Tuesday! This week’s tip should have been dedicated to Amped Authenticate, but we just released an update on Wednesday 22nd (check it out here), so since it already received a lot of attention on our blog, we don’t want other products to get jealous. So, here we are with a tip on Amped Replay! We’ll see a simple but effective trick that will help you present your results in a compelling way… keep reading to find out!

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