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F3 One Day Workshop – Forensic Video Analysis


On the 27th July F3 are hosting one of their annual UK workshops, this time, dedicated to Forensic Video Analysis.

The workshop will be conducted by me, David Spreadborough, the International Trainer here at Amped Software.

I will be covering topics such as:

  • Video Surveillance Systems, Storage, and Evidential Acquisition
  • Multimedia Analysis
  • Multimedia processing
  • Image and Video Enhancement

It is at the Dunchurch Park Hotel & Conference Centre, Warwickshire, UK

For more information, contact the F3 Secretary Lindy Sheppard by using the Contact Page HERE.

Amped Software at IH&MMSEC 2016

I am very excited to announce that next week I’ll be at the ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security, in Vigo, Spain from June 20 to 22, 2016.ihmmsec

Why am I so excited? While I love visiting customers, going to trade shows and partner events, this is a purely scientific conference. Our roots are in the academic world, and we are still cooperating with different universities and research institutions very often. And this time, I have the honor of giving a keynote in front of some of the world most well-known researcher in our discipline.

The title of the presentation is “Bringing Multimedia Security from the Research Lab to the Forensic Lab”. This is the abstract of the presentation: Continue reading

Amped FIVE Update 8222 – Adjustment Filters, Program Options and Much, Much More!

It’s Amped FIVE update time again!

With so much to get through, let’s start with some new and exciting filters. Not one, not two….. but six new filters in the Adjust Category. Yes – Six new filters designed specifically to restore color or illumination to an image, and improving those taken with High Dynamic Range.

Parametric Curves

This filter gives you very precise control over the four portions of the luminance range. As you adjust the sliders, the curve will move accordingly, and a shaded area will appear in the Curve graphic. This will show you the maximum or minimum adjustment available.

Image 010

Image 009

Before – After

Continue reading

Amped FIVE Update: more than 100 filters!

… well, 103 to be precise.


We just released an update for Amped FIVE with many improvements and several new filters. While Spready is going to outline all the new stuff in a separate post, I thought it was worth it to do a short post just to celebrate the milestone.

While having 103 filters in a single, integrated and specialized package is something pretty huge (and this is not counting additional features which are not technically filters, such as the screen capture, the DVR conversion or the report generation), what is more important, in my opinion, is what these filters represent.

In fact, each of these filters represents a specific solution to a specific problem. Some problems are pretty common, and they are solved by pretty basic filters, such us using Contrast Brightness or Histogram Equalization for correcting low contrast images. But others have been created to solve specific issues within our industry and cannot be found in any other software product, such as Perspective Registration, Interleave, Reverse, Turbulence Deblurring or Component Separation. Sure, you are not gonna need them every day as you might need Deinterlace, Motion Deblurring or Frame Averaging… But on the day that you need them, they are there to solve your current troubles.

We might not have reached this important result without you, the users, sending us examples of strange issues, requesting new features and improvements and sharing your needs with us every single day.

Thanks, from me and all the Amped Software team.