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Amped FIVE Walkthrough Video – The Information

Our collection of introductory videos on Amped FIVE continues to grow with the latest offering detailing ‘The Information’.

Images and Video often contain a wealth of useful metadata, that can assist in establishing a correct process path.

Understanding where all the data is held, and how it is presented, can provide Forensic Video Technicians and Analysts with powerful information to avoid mistakes in interpretation.

If you have not visited the YouTube Channel yet, or missed out on the other walkthrough videos, please go take a look when you have a few minutes…

All of these videos will form part of an ‘Introduction’ playlist. We have a few more in the pipeline so remember to subscribe to the blog, and you will be notified straight away when the next one is ready.

Amped FIVE Update 8006 – Filter Search, Case Notes and Much More

We never stand still here at Amped!

The latest update for Amped FIVE (8006) is now available to download.

I keep on saying this, but many of the updates have come directly from user suggestions. We listen to you and then put your suggestions to the test! If all goes well, then your help goes to benefit everyone. Some other points that we take seriously here at Amped are keystrokes, mouse clicks, and mouse movement. If we can find a way to reduce these then we do so… and you will see a few examples in this update.

Interface Improvements

Sometimes, finding that filter can be tricky if you can’t remember what category it’s in. We now have a Quick Search bar within the Filters Window. Start typing the name of the filter and the suggestions will be listed alphabetically.


Case Notes, information, or any text relating to your investigation can now be entered directly into the Notes Interface.


This window can be activated by using the Menu, View > Notes. Continue reading

Amped FIVE Walkthrough Video – The Filters (Part 2)

Over at our YouTube Channel, the second part of The Amped FIVE Filters screencast is now available for viewing.

This carries on through the Categories, detailing each individual filter and its usage.

Part 1 Categories:

  • Load
  • Link
  • Write
  • Select Frames
  • Interlace
  • Edit
  • Channels
  • Adjust

Here we look at:

  • Extract
  • Verify
  • Measure
  • Sharpen
  • Denoise
  • Deblurring
  • Stabilization
  • Integrate
  • Presentation

More walkthrough video’s coming soon, along with details of the soon to be released update!

If you have an active support plan you will be able to update as soon as it is released by going into the menu “Help” > “Check for Updates Online” within Amped FIVE. If you need to renew your SMS plan please contact us or one of our authorized partners to ensure you do not miss out!


Discover Our Latest Developments At Forensics Europe Expo 2016

For the third year in a row, we’ll be at Forensics Europe Expo, which is one of our favorite event of the year.  As usual we’ll be at the booth 1D21, right in front of the entrance. The show will be in Olympia, London (UK) on 19-20 April 2016.


This year we have several seminars and workshops, that are of particular interest for anyone who is working in the image and video forensics field.

Continue reading

Amped FIVE Walkthrough Video – The Filters (Part 1)

We are continuing to develop our YouTube Channel with the latest videos being a complete run through of all the current filters in Amped FIVE.

Due to the huge array of Filters now available, it was a little difficult to get this into one. As a result, ‘The Filters’ has been split into two! Here is the first part….

Remember to subscribe to the YouTube Channel and you will be notified straight away when we drop new videos, such as The Filters Part2.

If you see some differences, and find you are using an old version, remember to….

Update Now!

If you have an active support plan you can update to the latest version of Amped FIVE by going into the menu “Help” > “Check for Updates Online”. If you need to renew your SMS plan please contact us or one of our authorized partners.

The Value of Training

Think about anything dangerous that you’ve done on a regular basis in your life. It’s in this context that I want to talk about the value of training.

Think back to the beginning of your law enforcement career. You entered the academy with a limited set of skills and knowledge. You were handed your service weapon. What happened next? Did you receive your weapon on the last day of the academy? Were you handed your weapon and told, “go serve and protect?” Of course not. You received training on how to safely handle the weapon. You received training on how to safely maintain the weapon. You didn’t receive a single round of ammunition for that weapon until your instructor was comfortable with you and your proficiency with the basics. Then you drilled. You practiced. You went through scenarios. You qualified … and throughout your career, you re-qualified over and over again. Failing to qualify has serious consequences to your career. Continue reading

Amped releases ARSE: Become a Forensic Expert With a Single Click!

For a long time, we have been strongly against all the solutions that promised to their prospective customers, to be so simple that they can become experts with a single click.

For a long time, people just expected to know nothing about video forensics, image authentication and so on, and get a better license plate or recognize a person just by loading a software and hitting a button. We and we would say that it wasn’t possible.

For a long time, people expected to have an automated image and video authentication suite which could summarize all the complex technical matters in a single automated “real/fake” output, and we explained to our customers that it wasn’t not possible.

Well, we were wrong. It turns out that if you buy Amped ARSE, our latest and greatest software, you don’t need to have any skill or knowledge. The software will do everything for you, and it will be way better than any real expert. ARSE stands for Automatic Restoration, Synching, and Enhancement. Continue reading