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Wishing You Safe Holidays

We’ve hired some patrols to take guard while everyone is off to enjoy the holiday season!

Day_360_-_West_Midlands_Police_-_Merry_Christmas_(8293510769) (1)

We want to wish all our customers, partners, friends and families around the world, a happy, fun and especially safe Christmas and joyful New Year!

From your friends at Amped Software.

The Untold Secrets of Forensic Video Enhancement: Myth versus Science

So you are probably reading this blog post because you have been watching too much CSI (Enhance! Uncrop! Flop!) or because you have tried Amped FIVE on your crappy DVR video and weren’t able to obtain the miracles that you can see on our samples page.

The point is that we don’t do miracles, we are just scientists. We work with number sequences that incidentally happen to represent some visual information called image or a signal called video.

Some people may even wonder if the images on our website’s samples page are fake and we artificially introduced defects on good images in order to show how the software works. We assure you that what you see are results of real pictures or video, most of them have been taken by myself to reproduce typical situations you will find working in forensic cases and with CCTV videos. Of course we are not going to put on the web confidential and personal data belonging to real cases that we receive from customers or that we are asked to analyze. We are a professional company, we keep those cases strictly confidential, so they never would appear as samples.

clip_image002 Continue reading

Amped FIVE Update: annotations and frame rate adjustments

We just released an update of Amped FIVE with several improvements and new filters. You can review below all the new tools.

Add Shape

With the new filter Presentation > Add Shape you can add ellipses, rectangles, lines and arrows to highlight parts of interest in the image.

For example, in the picture below we added an arrow to indicate the guy entering the door.


And then added another instance of Add Shape to draw a circle around the other guy. Continue reading