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Channel Mixer in Amped Five

Another new feature has just been added to Amped Five from a suggestion by our friend George Reis, Forensic Image Analyst at Imaging Forensics and author of Photoshop CS3 for Forensics Professionals.  The new filter is called Channel Mixer, and it is something familiar to many long time users of commercial photo editing software.


The theory behind it is actually quite simple – mix the ratio of colors in each channel.  Or, more specifically, this is the ability to modify an output color channel using a mix of source color channels in the image. To get scientific, visible RGB color channels are actually gray-scale representations of the tonal values of the RGB color components. When you use Channel Mixer to adjust color channels, you are adding or subtracting gray-scale data from a source channel to the selected output channel. The Channel Mixer allows for very precise, but fast application so you can get very useful results, especially when working with handwriting, scanned documents, and fingerprints. Continue reading

Amped at the Digital Summit International (DSI) in Las vegas

We are glad to announce our presence at one of the most important events for the digital forensics world; in fact, we are exhibiting and taking part in the educational presentations at DSI ( on August 13-16 at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas.

We will be demonstrating and showcasing the new 2012 version of our popular Amped Five Professional forensic video enhancement software.  On Tuesday, August 14th, EJ Ord, Amped’s Director of Sales for Military and Law Enforcement will be presenting : “The Five Minute Forensic Video Analysis: Supercharge Your Workflow” Continue reading

Amped Five 2012 released

We are happy to announce the official release of the new major release of Amped Five, our image and video processing software for forensic applications.

Our previous edition of Amped Five Professional was a great product. We found that our customers loved its innovative and fast workflow but wanted more features and easier ways to do things.  We have worked with some key customers and very well-known forensic video analysis experts to improve our Amped Five Professional program capabilities. If you give a look at the testimonials on our home page, you will find some pretty well known names in the forensic field.

We set out to create the new standard for video and image enhancement software and in doing so, we doubled the capabilities and the number of tools available. We have also revamped our training and certifications programs to provide greater depth and more practical knowledge in our goal to help agencies get the tools necessary in this high tech world to get criminals off the streets.

Amped Five Professional 2012 is available now from Amped Software and authorized Amped Software resellers and partners. A detailed product datasheet is available for download here: as a PDF document in either US letter or A4 formats. Continue reading